Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So many things on the gwc

Well to all my readers,

I ask that you go to dustin's site wizard101info.wordpress.com
and check the gwc page [note:This is only for storm ice and fire wizards under lvl 40]
Well the old storm junior quit the game and since I am eager to start seeing what GWC does. Wizards I beg you help the GWC accomplish this if you are storm ice or fire please help us out

Life senior
see ya in the spiral

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I am back and with a heck of news for everyone

First I am know the life senior [dustin I am honored]
Second houses are in the spiral along with felix navidad
Third many things will be coming to this blog
Fifth my attempt to join the fansites and links will be tried again

Monday, December 14, 2009


Well its been farming thats kept me from posting redwind the witch as I call her has kept me from my blog . I am starting to think she is gonna drop my blog istead of the sword .A big thanks to dustin moon catcher from wizinfo contributer to my blog
who has helped seth griffin ward do that tower a ton of times.as you can see i am nearing the 300's woo!! I have a ton of pics to show you

Although I am not because due to laptop problems I cant upload them

and I was never heard from again jk

see ya in the spiral,


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a weird thing i saw and more

well i dont know if anyone has seen this before on wizard 101

note:this happened in mooshu

weird right my theroy is when someone flees that happens

other things
on swords!!

dont have the pics

but ryan legend rider [never talk about him much]

got jade oni sword now along with his grand stuff

seth crancked up a steelwilders mineblade [not exaclty what i wanted]

wanted a redwind or the one hundred damage balance sword [name escapes me]

or horders sword or avanlanche i might have one

who knows

see ya in the spiral

the one and only sgwiz [now having 3 famous bloggers in my list ]

Dustin's Weekly Tip 1

Hi readers of Seth's blog,
Dustin from Wizard 101 Info here! Seth Griffinward, the GREAT owner of "My Adventures in Wizard 101", wanted me to contribute to his blog. Gladly, Seth, GLADY!

(I am loving this whole "famous" Dustin thing, it makes me feel all snooty XD)

So I am going to weekly (no MAJOR promises, here) give a little tip on Seth's site. Here is my tip for this week.


As you level in Wizard 101, your unique School of Magic is... how should I put this... a great asset to your dueling. If you equip some of the nice Power Pip Percentage boosting gear (most often Pets, Amulets, and Rings), you get a great advantage, especially if you cast from your own School of Magic more often then you would from your Second or Third School, necessarily. Okay, I will use myself as an example in this situation-
Say you are fighting a Skeletal Pirate in Unicorn way, and you have a Kraken card in your hand. (Kraken is very nice if you have a good amount of damage boost in Storm from clothing AND YOU ARE A STORM WIZARD especially if you are fighting in DragonSpyre. It can take out enemies fast if you use this strategy. The same thing goes for spells like Troll, Seraph, Sunbird, Evil Snowman, Vampire, etc. The rank 3 and 4 spells).
So you have this Kraken. A good tip is have a 100 Damage DragonSpyre sword equipped, so you get an extra Power Pip when you start off a duel. Then equip good Athames, Rings, etc. to get your regular Power Pip % up there. At this point, you get two Power Pips (if you're lucky) and can cast a Kraken fast and easily with those 2 Power Pips because they equal 4 Pips from your first School. See where I am getting with this?!? Look-

2 Power Pips= 4 Normal Pips For Your School

With any questions on this process, email wizard101stuff@gmail.com, or leave a comment here on Seth's blog.

Hope everyone likes my 1st weekly tip!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

drumroll please

i met amber behiend myth master and ronan behiend merlins secreat journal
as you probally thought yes two new buddies but dustin and me couldnt get it friendly my goal and my drive is to find him and ill will

Saturday, December 5, 2009


i met dustin moon cathcer today and tyler has a spot on GWC AWESOMENESS
I have a card donation to do tomorrow so better get started on that and need to get tyler some clothes yes i am seroius i met dustin moon catcher on a guy with no clothes
so we agreed to talk it over on seth and here is a pic for the nonbelievers
now for friendly jessica and the diviner of myth and so much more

Friday, December 4, 2009

AWESOME BUT AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!